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    To surf my brains out.

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    Anytime I'm wet.

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    I like fast cars and prefer lefts.

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         Once upon a time there was a butterfly with dragon wings . . . .

        The wings were S T R O N G & F E R O C I O U S yet Butterfly was colorful and gentle. One day Butterfly was flying gracefully though the a..i..r when he came across Dagon... Something was odd about Dagon...Butterfly squinted at Dagon and noticed he had sweat dripping from his labored brow... ...he was panting and w h e e z i n g in a sad but friendly way. Butterfly thought to himself "I wonder why his life is so hard... My life seems to go by too quicky and easily... I can rarely remember what I did yesterday!" Butterfly was curious about Dagon and so they became fast friends. One day Dagon was trying to hover above the ground, his teeth clenched and eyes screwed tight... TIGHT! ...but finally C R A S H E D as a heap of exhausted dragon on the soft wet grass. Butterfly looked at his large and forelorne friend with sad empathy. Butterfly asked "Why are you sad my friend?" To which Dagon whimpered and pointed at his tiny but dazzlingly colorful wings; The small rainbow-like appendages were drooped in exhaustion. Butterfly had an idea that made his stomach tickle with anticipation. He told his friend in a comforting tone "You are my friend, close your eyes and I will take away your hardship." Dagon closed his eyes and waited, and waited, and waited... nothing happened but he trusted his friend so he waited a little more and suddenly felt a PINCH!! Dagon JUMPED W A Y into the a..i..r and looked down feeling hurt and betrayed by his friend but... all he saw were puffy white clouds and deep blue sky all around him! Dagon was so excited by the amazing experience that he quickly flew back down to tell his friend. Butterfly was happily fliting all about with excitement, a BIG smile on his butterfly face and his tiny iridescent wings sparkling in the warm sunlight. ...The two embraced as only friends who share their burden can & flew across the green hills together.

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    It is everything.

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    Getting barreled without the lip clipping your head/back/shoulder or having to force your way out of a tube thats closing out or sectioning off.

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