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    Through all of the monotonous exchanges between people, work, friends, responsibilities, we forget who we are, what we can accomplish, and what means most to us. The key to life is finding our inner peace and to hang on to it within our hearts every second of every day. Whether we are religious, spiritual, undecided, or nothing at all we are all human and we are all the same. We have the limitless possibilities for love, happiness, hunger, experiences, learning, pain, closeness, friendship, kinship, compassion and everything that falls between. Part of retaining that peace within is to find out what brings that peace into our soul, into our core, our spirit, our essence. Being in the water, my peace within.

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    Night surfing at Rincon, Barbados, Traps multiple times at sunset in a cosmic and unexplainable way with my twin.

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    I have a twin.

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    My life-long love affair.

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    A more advanced maneuver where the surfer doubles back and hits or turns off the top of the oncoming section of wave. A great way to burn extra speed and a big open section.

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