Its a language of its own! We explain some common surf terms, slang, and phrases.

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Usually set up with a ton of speed then a huge bottom turn then going as vertical as possible up the face of the wave and turning at the last possible second to stay in the wave. Awesome variations include pushing the tail out the back at the top of the wave and/or throwing your weight into it and hurling huge amount of spray into the air. Can also be pushed through into a 360 rotation. Feels FANTASTIC... almost as good as a long dry barrel. Also excellent stress relief.

Synonyms: off the top, whack, smack

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Usually hand made from a foam core (or "blank") with a wooden stringer that is sanded to the desired shape then coated with clear fiberglass/resin. Modern boards have anywhere from one to five fins arranged at the tail end of the board. Fins vary in size, stiffness, and shape and can often be changed to suit the rider or conditions. Boards can also be made from epoxy, carbon fiber, and multi-layered foam. An elastic leash is usually attached to the rear to make retrieving the board easier. While a surfboard can withstand hundreds of pounds of force they are also fragile and break down when left in hot areas (such as cars) and direct sunlight.

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